RJ TextEd is developed using Delphi from Embarcadero and is released as Freeware.

The program is free to use for commercial purposes. But if you do, I would appreciate a donation.

The program has been tested in windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit). The program (both 32 and 64 bit) will also work on Linux if Wine is installed.
Note that the language and syntax files will be replaced when installing a new version. Place user language files and user syntax files in the "User defined" folder.

Note! Only major versions are available for download. Minor versions are available using the program update function or as a downloadable update.

Version 13.50 (Dec 2, 2018)

The program is available as 32-bit, 64-bit, 32+64-bit installers and a portable version.

Local help file (2018-12-02)

If you can't use the on-line help - the current CHM help file is still available for download. Copy the help file to "[AppData]\Roaming\RJ TextEd\Help\". If no Internet connection is available - the local help file is used. Or you can simply add it as a tool and assign a shortcut.
Zip file: Download

Version 13.50

Dec 2, 2018

Chrome Preview

Updated all files and components to version 70.0.3538.

GUI components

Updated several GUI components to the newest version.

Text clip and abbreviation synchronization

Added a synchronize sub-menu to the more menu on the text clips panel.

You can synchronize abbreviations and clips manually by selecting "Synchronize now...". This will sync files to the ones stored in a shared folder. How the local and remote data is updated depends on your settings.

Options are available in two sections. Manual and auto sync settings.

Manual synchronize may be safer to use in a large organization. Especially if more than one user is able to save to the shared folder. You should also be careful with the "Allow delete" option, since it may remove clips you just added.

If all users are allowed to save and everyone disable the settings to delete clips when syncing, nothing will be lost. Everyone is just adding to the shared clips. But that also means you may not be able to remove any clips. After the next sync - they will be added from the shared clips.

Auto synchronize will periodically read from the shared folder and sync your local clips based on your settings. If "Allow save" is enabled - all your clips are then saved to the shared folder.

Text clip panel

Added items are now properly sorted.

Fixed a few issues.

Open and save dialog windows

With newer versions of Windows 10 the light/dark Windows system themes now change the colors used in the open/save dialog windows. To fix some draw issues when using program themes in the editor - I had to make some changes to the style hooks used to retrieve system colors and draw theme elements.

Home tab

Made several design changes to make it easier to navigate using keyboard. I also added check boxes on the recent files tab.

The search on all tabs have been replaced by a fuzzy search. Fuzzy search will find all items with entered letters in correct order. Then order them depending on relevance. The most relevant items at top. Relevance is decided by factors like found string in the file name, most found letters in the file name or path, capitalization...

  • You can use left/right arrows to switch between recent list tabs.
  • You can use Ctrl+Space to select items and Ctrl+Up/Down to move without selecting.
  • You can select several items by clicking on the check boxes, using the mouse.
  • You can press the open button to open file(s), which may be easier when using a mouse.

Recent files list

Fussy search is now used to find and list items in order of relevance. If entered character is found in the file name - the items gets a higher priority. The same happens if a matching capital letter is found.

Project panel

You can now drag a document tab to the project tree to add the document to an open project.

The search field now use "fuzzy search". The match order, in the drop down list, is sorted by relevance.

Mouse click on a found search item should now open the file properly.


Added two new properties to the "MainApp" object.

- ProjectName : string // Get project name without file extension - ProjectDefaultDir : string // Get default project source folder set in project options

Auto completion

Made some changes and changed several icons.


Made extensive changes and updated the syntax files.

Search Results (find and replace all)

Items are now selected by a single mouse click, instead of a double click. A click on a file now open and selects the first found or replaced item.

Syntax Editor

Added several new toolbar buttons and functions.

  • Drop down list to instantly change the icon of the selected items.
  • Two type of sorting: normal sort and sort by grouping items by its icon.
  • Cut, copy and paste. If you have several syntax files open at once - you can copy and paste between syntax files.

Find in files

Added prompt when doing "replace all", to prevent accidental replace.

Code dropdown trees (user toolbar)

Made some minor visual changes and fixed a few issues.


  • Minor improvements in explorer panel options.
  • Added error messages when changing document encoding and it fails.
  • Added error messages when converting file encoding and it fails.


  • Abbreviation issue in new installs.
  • Performance issues.
  • Search bar issues.
  • Auto completion issues in search dialog box.
  • Document map issue when closing dual document view.
  • Preview panel issue.
  • Multiple selection issue.
  • Browser preview panel issues.
  • Issue with highlighting braces.
  • Issue with convert encoding.
  • Conflict between different scroll bar options.
  • Plus many other issues sent by email.

Version 13.40

Sep 10, 2018

Chrome preview

Updated all files and component to version 68.0.2440.

Advanced Sort

Redesigned the advanced sort window and added new options and functions.

The program is able to identify text columns automatically. To get an automatic start and end column value press the [...] button. Select the text column you wish to use as sort key, from all identified text column values listed.

New option:

  • Only keep duplicated key lines - will remove all lines unless the specified key has duplicates.


Redesigned the options window to make it easier to maintain and to add new options.

All options are now moved to section panels that can be opened or closed by clicking on the section header.

The overall look has been changed to make the layout cleaner.

User defined delimiters

Added an option to add new characters that is used to separate words. Normal ASCII characters like ,.;! etc. are already used and I've added a few Unicode characters, which you will see in options as user defined delimiters.

These delimiters are used with most functions that identify words, like "find/replace (whole words)", move text caret to next word (CTRL+Left Arrow), or spellcheck.

Color Window

The color dialog box can now handle alpha transparency. In languages like CSS and LESS the alpha value is written as a decimal value between 0 and 1.

E.g. rgb(120,80,60,0.5), where 0.5 is the alpha value and gives 50% opacity.

You can also use hexadecimal values. E.g. #AA002288 (or #A028), where the last two digits (88) represent the alpha value. In a hex value the alpha part can be written between 0 and 255 ($0 - $FF).

Color hint window

The color hint window can now handle alpha values (transparency).

Modal Search Window

  • Made the window dialog resizable.
  • Added new search scopes ("In current function" and "All open files").
  • Changed the folder picker window dialog.
  • Auto completion in search boxes should work again (if option is set).
  • Changed how search field behave when switching tabs.
  • It's now possible to delete a find/replace drop down item by pressing the [DEL] key while the drop down list is displayed.
  • Window position is saved between sessions.

Search bar

  • Auto completion in search boxes should work again (if option is set).
  • Made some changes to the scope drop down list.
  • Added right click context menu to find/replace fields so you can now delete an entry.

Search multiple folders

Added folder drop down menu items to handle multiple folders. You can add, delete or edit folders to search.

Search in current function

Added a new search scope. Besides from being able to search from the beginning, from cursor position and inside selection, you can now search inside the current procedure/function/method...

Search in hex (binary) mode

Made several improvements and fixed some issues in both the modal search window and the search bar.


Added new items to cut/copy bookmarked lines and "bookmark duplicated lines".

Menu items where added to Search -> Bookmarks and toolbar buttons to the bookmarks panel.

File Commander

Made some changes to font settings. The default is to use the default GUI font, unless you set your own font in file commander settings.

Fixed a few issues as well.

Syntax Editor

The class completion and user menu sort now group items based on the selected icon.

Scripts (added as tool to the tools menu)

Scripts can now be executed every time the program is focused.


  • Changed all folder picker dialog boxes throughout the program.
  • Added toolbar button to "Upload to remote server".
  • Ctrl+Shift+F should be set as the default shortcut for "Find in Files".
  • Minor changes to the auto completion.
  • Spellcheck should skip HTML tags.
  • Some fields in the status bar are now automatically resized when text changes.


  • Find All issues.
  • Search progress window issues.
  • Result window wasn't displayed with find all.
  • Auto completion issues (and auto complete words).
  • Some toolbar hint issues.
  • Statusbar redraw issues.
  • Fold issue with insert or delete line.
  • Delete current line issue.
  • Select text issues with tabs.
  • Misc issues found in program.

Version 13.30

July 8, 2018

Chrome Preview

Updated the chromium component and libraries to version 67.0.

Goto Function/Line/Bookmark... (CTRL+G)

Redesigned the "Goto line..." page in the modal search window and added a search field and a list with all classes, structures, methods, properties and functions found in the current document.

Use the search field to find a code element and, if necessary, the up and down arrows to select the class, method or function you wish to go to.

There are four different keyboard actions to open the goto page.

  • GotoAction - will open the page with the last active option (Ctrl+G).
  • GotoSelectFunctionAction - will open the page with the function option active.
  • GotoSelectLineAction - will open the page with the line option active.
  • GotoSelectBookmarkAction - will open the page with the bookmark option active.

Find/Replace dialog box

Redesigned the modal search window and added a new page for "Find in Files".

All buttons are now placed to the right of the find/replace text fields.

Most combo boxes have been replaced by radio buttons to make option selection easier.

Search bar

Made several changes to the search bar, removed some dropdown lists and added a popup form to the folder option button.

Find in Files

Added a "Find in Files" menu item and toolbar button.

File Explorer Panel

Added navigation history buttons and moved a few buttons to the new "more" button dropdown menu. I also added a favorites button.

History navigation can also be done using the mouse back/forward buttons. But it only works if the explorer panel has focus.

Navigation history

It's now possible to navigate backwards and forward using the mouse back/forward buttons (if you have them).


  • Clear recent list string issue.
  • A few replace issues.
  • Remove item in recent file list.
  • A few issues reported by users.
  • Some minor visual changes.

Version 13.25

May 29, 2018

Document map

The page marker can now be dragged and used as a scrollable handle and even replace the scrollbar.

Options added:

  • Hide vertical scrollbar when document map is visible.
  • Document map width.

Indent by Fold

Indent by fold is a simple way to format your code. A menu item has been added to the format menu. The function will indent selected code or the entire document, if nothing is selected. Indention follows the code folding and should indent blocks inside a code fold.

For the most part it formats the code fairly well, but some manual editing may be required.


  • Code explorer issue.
  • Toolbar button and dropdown issues.
  • Dual document view issue with compare mode.
  • Close document tab issue.

Version 13.20

May 21, 2018

Chrome preview

Updated the Chrome preview component and libraries to version 66.0.3359.

Document map

Changed the appearance of the current page representation inside the document map.

Border and background can be changed in customize themes.

Added a document map hint window. Move the mouse inside the document map to see the hint window. The hint displays the content of the document at the mouse position.

Overwrite mode

Added an option to make paste from clipboard work like most Linux editors when in overwrite (OVR) mode.

The option is labeled "Paste from clipboard should overwrite text in overwrite mode."


  • Annotation bar flicker when switching document tab.
  • Alt+Key issues.
  • Find issue with match whole words.
  • Focus issue with auto-hidden panels.
  • Code explorer issue.
  • Copy as RTF.
  • Select All in search bar.
  • Small memory and resource leak.
  • (S)FTP upload issues.
  • Misc minor issues found while adding new features and testing.

Version 13.10

7 May, 2018

Chrome preview

Made several changes to how preview panels and windows are created and closed. I may have fixed a few potentially random close down errors as well.

Program startup

Prevented the creation of some components at startup if they aren't needed or currently viewed. It may speed up the startup sequence a little.


  • Exception error report should now contain a better screenshot.


  • Found and fixed several minor issues while testing.
  • Several column mode issues.
  • Toolbar hint issue.
  • Local help should work again (if no internet and local help file available).
  • A script issue.
  • C and Cpp code explorer issue.
  • Print issue.
  • (S)FTP upload issue.
  • Find/Replace All issues.
  • Portable install issues on 32-bit Windows.

Version 13.0

24 April, 2018

Chrome preview

Updated the Chromium preview component and libraries to version 65.0.3325.

Exception catcher

Made extensive changes to the bug report format and added several new items. A new tab was added to the exception window for loaded modules and running Win32 processes.

The screenshot now captures the entire window.


Made some code changes to minimize disk access during startup and moved some functions to be used first when actually needed.

Code improvements and code testing

I've taken the time to stress test functions and analyze classes and code to find possible issues.

Some issues where found using different debug flags. or tools, and others where found using Application Verifier.

I also corrected a few issues found using static code analysis tools and found several minor problems while testing.

Explorer tabs and File Commander tab

Auto refresh should work properly now. And also turning it off in explorer tab.

Script debugging (step over)

Made several improvements and fixed some issues.

  • The executed line is highlighted with a red background.
  • The debugging stops at the end of the script, or when moving focus to the script window, or when pressing the stop button.


  • Added remote file operations (save and save as) to the document tab context menu.
  • Menus can be accessed by pressing ALT then a char code. E.g. ALT+F+S for save.


  • Find highlight issue.
  • Find RegEx highlight issue.
  • Ruler paint issue.
  • Chrome preview issue.
  • Rename remote file and server has disconnected.
  • Project wide class explorer issues.
  • Hex view paste issue.
  • Toolbar image issue.
  • Indent issue with expand abbreviation.
  • Delete multiple selections.
  • PHP tags inside HTML tag issues.
  • TODO/NOTE display issues in code explorer.
  • TODO/NOTE display issues in project class viewer.
  • Toggle browser view shortcut issue.
  • Switch tab from Chrome preview tab using keyboard shortcut.
  • Document tab hint issue.
  • Shutdown issues and issues that could lead to a crash.
  • Misc reported issues.

Version 12.91

18 mar, 2018

Toggle browser view

Made some code changes to fix a few issues with the browser view. The IE browser should work now and the Chrome browser should open more reliably now.

IE and Chrome preview

Made some code changes to the preview functions to make sure the document is opened properly in the preview pane.

Fixed a few glitches in all preview panes.

Insert abbreviation and text clip

If the option to insert spaces with tab key is set - all tabs in abbreviations and clips are converted to spaces. Otherwise, real tabs are inserted.


Unicode searches should work properly now using \x{FFFF}.

Ex. To find "€" use "\x{20AC}" as a search string. Or to find any non-ASCII character use "[^\x{0000}-\x{007F}]".


  • Made some internal improvements to the editor background thread.
  • Improved communication between editor and background thread.
  • Documents should close a little bit faster.


  • Heredoc issue in PHP syntax highlighter.
  • Word wrap issues.
  • Highlight selections.
  • Misc issues reported by users or found while testing.

Version 12.90

7 mar, 2018

New Chromium Component

Removed the old chrome preview component and replaced it with a brand new one. It's actively updated to use the latest Chromium library version and has some advantages compared to the old one.

All Chromium files are now stored in the "RJ TextEd\cef" folder.

The version included in this release is 64.0.3282.

Updated visual controls

Updated controls (check boxes, radio boxes, dropdown lists...) to the latest version.

Updated SFTP controls

This new version fix a few issues.

URL highlighting and follow link

Added an option to enable URL highlighting and to follow the link by Ctrl + Mouse click. The mouse cursor change to a pointing hand when hovering an URL.

(S)FTP Open (File - FTP - Open...)

This feature allows you to open remote file(s). A file open dialog is displayed allowing you to connect to a remote server, browse remote folders and select files to open.


Made several improvements to the FTP client. It should be able to detect a remote disconnect properly now and reconnect if necessary.

FTP panel drag n drop

You can now drag files to the editor panel to open the remote files.

Evaluate Expression

Added a new menu item to evaluate and replace an expression. I also renamed some menu items to make there function clearer.

Status bar character hint

The current character data hint (hover mouse over status bar line, col and character column) now contain a character position value. The value include line feeds.


Made some minor changes to improve color value identifying.

Import diff file

Replaced the Windows standard input dialog with a custom made. It's larger and can be resized to make reading and editing easier.


  • Several reported issues.
  • Script highlighting and folding.
  • Remote file transfer dialog theme color issues.
  • Highlight colors.
  • RegEx "find" issues.
  • RegEx "find all" issues.
  • Undo issues.
  • Dual document view startup issue.
  • Should startup properly on Linux (Wine, latest version).
  • Fixed some install and update issues.

Version 12.80

18 feb, 2018

Updated program files

Re-compiled all files using the latest Delphi version. All files are now Windows XP compatible (again). Which means I don't need to have separate install scripts for Windows XP anymore.

Install scripts (Windows XP)

All executable files have been compiled using the latest Delphi version. There is no longer any need to use separate installers for Windows XP.

All install scripts can now be used on Windows XP .. Windows 10.

Reload current document

Added support for remote files. If the current document has been altered you are presented with a save prompt, before the remote file is downloaded.

(S)FTP Save As

You can use this feature to save the current document to a remote server. It lets you connect to a remote server, browse the remote folders and save the file.

I made several improvements in this version.

Install script

Made some changes to the install script to fix issues when using several Windows user accounts.

Document links (URL:s)

Links inside a document can no longer be opened with Ctrl+MouseClick. Instead, use the document context menu to open the link.

This was changed to enable multiple selections and multiple editing on web links inside the document.


  • Visual changes in recent file list and fixed a few issues.
  • Visual changes in navigation history list.
  • Warn if file has been deleted on disk now has "Yes to all", and "No to all" buttons.


  • Send bug report issue.
  • Navigation history issues.
  • Column copy/paste issues.
  • Warn if file on drive has been deleted.
  • Import diff patch file issue.
  • Save diff patch file extension problem.
  • A few open/save dialogs in Windows XP.

Version 12.71

6 feb, 2018

Update function

The update window is now modeless so you can place it in the background, or minimize it, while it's downloading the new version.

The update window will be moved to the front and inform you when the update is ready for installation.


Changed the connect timeout values to 15 seconds. If the connection times out a message is displayed.

Save As (Remote)

The menu item "File / FTP / Save As (Remote)" will now open a connect window, to allow a remote connection. And a file save dialog window for browsing the remote site and add a file name.

This works with both FTP and SFTP.

Navigation history

Navigation history should handle remote files now. Even if you have closed them.

CSS highlighter

Made some minor changes to the CSS syntax file which affect the highlighting.


  • CSS highlighter issues.
  • Exit error when option "Close to hibernate" is used.
  • Edit macro issue.
  • Folder option menu issue in search-bar.
  • Code fold issue inside ini files when wordwrap is on.

Version 12.70

29 jan, 2018

Shell Extension (Explorer context menu)

Wrote a new shell extension in Delphi (instead of C++). It's easier to update, builds into a smaller dll file and the menu image looks better.

Portable version

The portable version is now only available as an install script. The script unpack and copy (or update) the files in the given location.

Settings and used data is not overwritten. And nothing is written to the registry.

The auto update procedure is simpler as well. Just press the "Update" button and the update script is executed after download.

Menu and toolbar image settings

Images used in menus and toolbars are now handled in options (Style and Fonts section).

Any image list you create yourself must end with a size e.g. 16x16.bin. If a size is not found the 16x16 image list is used and images are scaled. E.g. if the program needs the 32x32 images, but are not found.

By default there are now two image lists to choose from.

  • Standard images. These have been in use for some time now.
  • Pure flat images. These are new and may look better when using a dark theme.

New menu and toolbar images

Added new image lists in the sizes 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. The new image list is called "Pure_Flat_Toolbar" and can be set in options (Style and Fonts section).

The new images looks better when using a dark theme. But you may like them even without a theme.


Underscore should be treated as a word character and dash (-) as a word separator when searching for whole words only.

Document context menu

If you right click on a web link in the document, the context menu will contain a menu item to allow you to open the link in your default browser.


  • Improved RegEx search speed (Find Next/Previous).
  • Improvements to text diff mode when using multiple tab rows.
  • Some visual changes in the search panel.
  • Several minor changes throughout the program.
  • A few code optimizations to speed functions up.


  • FTP download using file commander.
  • Minor changes to FTP upload that should make it more reliable.
  • Issue with command line option /COMPARE.
  • Double click on tool output in message panel.
  • Changes to prevent "Cannot access clipboard" errors.
  • Search issues in Text clips panel.
  • Refresh after replace all.
  • Possible abbreviation issues.
  • Ctrl+leftmouse URL click issue.
  • Modified by external program issue.
  • A great number of minor issues.

Version 12.62

22 dec, 2017

Updated compiler

Recompiled all executables. The error handler should work properly now.

Windows XP

The new compiler doesn't support Windows XP, so I've compiled an XP version using an older compiler. Just make sure you download the correct installation file.

The auto update function should work in this version. As well as "Help -> Check for updates".


  • Exception catcher issue (error handler).
  • Smart highlight issues.