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Multi Highlighter Options





The first line in the syntax file can hold a directive. This is used, in some syntax files, when you want the editor to open a different syntax file instead of this one. This can be very useful if the syntax file is capable of using several syntax files for highlighting. Also called a multiple highlighter.



We put a directive in the PHP syntax file like this:






<% ... %> syntax



If we open a PHP file, the editor will first check the first line in the PHP syntax file. When it finds a directive, it will open the Html syntax file instead. The html syntax is a multiple highlighter and will use several syntax files to highlight the code. Including the PHP syntax file. All PHP code will be highlighted using the PHP syntax file. Html code will be highlighted using the Html syntax file and CSS code using the CSS syntax file and so on. The Html highlighter ignores the directive when it open other syntax files for highlighting.


The <% ... %> syntax value is used in ASP and JSP syntax files and is used to tell the editor if we should use the asp or jsp syntax between <% ... %> tags.









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