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Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.94

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Version 15.94 (Sep 11, 2023)

Themes (Editor color profiles)
Added a new submenu in the "Themes" menu with editor color profiles. The default colors are stored as color profile #0.

Most themes will have 4 different color profiles defined.

You can make changes to a color profile or define any number of new color profiles in the customize dialog.

Incremental search in Explorer panel and File Commander
If you press an alpha numeric key on the keyboard the next found item will be selected. Repeated key pressing will find the next item etc.

This is the same behavior as in Windows Explorer.

System dialog style hooks (open, save dialog windows...)
Removed the style hooks that gives system dialog boxes the current themed appearance. I get a few bug reports every week related to those hooks. And there are a few display issues that are hard to fix.
So i decided to remove it.

It should make the program more stable for some users. Hopefully users can live with the standard appearance for system dialog boxes, like the open and save dialog.

JavaScript highlighter
Fixed some highlighting issues with regular expressions in JavaScript code.

* Several minor cosmetic changes.

* Toggle browser view issues.
* Toolbar dropdown draw issue.
* Some theme related issues.
* Open file at cursor.
* Many minor issues found while coding.

The full v15.94 installers are also available below:
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