FIXED? [15.90b2] Code Explorer "Tags" tab and XML files

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FIXED? [15.90b2] Code Explorer "Tags" tab and XML files

Post by pjj »

This is my XML file for testing:

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;">
        <jquery active="true" version="3.6.0"/>
        <htmx active="false" boost="true"/>
        <accessibility active="false"/>
    <custom x="?"/>
and this is what is shown in "Tags" tab:
xml tags.png
xml tags.png (6.53 KiB) Viewed 318 times
One can see a couple of things here:
1) attributes are shown, but only first ones; I guess either all should be shown, or none -- or a button with a switch, maybe?

2) empty tags (no attributes & no content) are not shown (general, local, foo) -- shouldn't they? I guess it depends on how they're written, since bar is empty and it made it into the list

3) ENTITY should go under DOCTYPE

4) if you remove question tag from custom tag attribute value, all tags above it would disappear (so it'd be only custom and this)


5) refresh button doesn't work :cry: and you need to resort to "Reload document" if you don't want to wait 20+ seconds until changes in the code are reflected in Code Explorer

6) expand all/collapse all button would be great

7) visual cue for the current tab is a must: now it's hard to tell if you're on "Code" or "Tags" one

General message if errors were found during parsing XML file would be good, too!
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Re: [15.90b2] Code Explorer "Tags" tab and XML files

Post by Rickard Johansson »

I think I've fixed most issues in beta 3. Thanks!
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