DONE? [15.90b2] Favourites in Code Explorer

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DONE? [15.90b2] Favourites in Code Explorer

Post by pjj »

Many thanks for the bug fixes! ...Here are some more to look into:

1) there's "Add to favorites" button on the topmost Code Explorer area; when clicked, it adds "Modules", "Odo" and "Favorites" to Favorites 8) I guess it should be removed altogether

2) when any TODO is focused and I click on "Add to favorites" button in the middle area, this entry is added to Favorites... as many times as I clicked :o

3) using search on TODOs crashes the editor (I sent two error reports... and two+ more were sent automatically before I was able to terminate it)

4) when changed, TODO is refreshed on TODO list but not in Favorites

Not bugs, but imho still useful to implement:

5) there's no way to remove a favorite, when it falls out of favor...

6) it would be great to save favorites as a part of a saved "status" for MRU files

7) please let me have TODOs always first (or Favorites)! now it defaults to Module and after changing to TODOs and focusing on other documents a couple of times it reverts to Modules... same after program restart

8) on a third thought, having Bookmarks as the fourth element seems logical (and useful)
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Re: [15.90b2] Favourites in Code Explorer

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Addressed most issues in next beta version. Thanks!
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