RJTe REQUEST: Icon to Notepad-style with pencil

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RJTe REQUEST: Icon to Notepad-style with pencil

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In the new beta version texted.ico has changed to a blue RJ. I really do prefer the old notepad style icon with an orange pencil.

This affects all the documents associated with RJTe, shortcuts on the desktop or file icons in File Explorer.

I know we can change the icon for the program itself in the options but, none of my default documents retain that change, instead they have a large blue RJ on each document shortcut.


I can change the document shortcuts individually and assign a new icon to each, one by one but that's a bit of a pain. I have done so above in that image. Note the big blue RJ on the untouched icons.

I created my own combined RJTextEd icon in various sizes and it now has the RJ in orange text on the notebook. You'd be welcome to the .ico file. I have attached it in a zipfile format.

I created the ico as a simple notebook and one with 'RJ' in orange as the text as well as a pencil upside down, editing.

To put this in place for each shortcut, I have to right click on the shortcut, click properties, change icon, open a file browser, select the RJTextEd.ico file, apply and OK. I have to do this for each and every shortcut.

This cannot be done system-wide for each file icon that appears in explorer so they retain the new blue RJ regardless of what I do.

I could get a utility and hack out the new icon from the RJ Binary, then patch RJTextEd.exe but that's a little overkill. I have managed the shortcut change myself and offer the .ico file above for others that might want to revert the same way I have done.

I much prefer my RJ shortcuts to retain the old icon style. I know these things seem simple and are down to taste but change to my visual working environment in the form of shortcut images is not a trivial issue for me though it might be for some. Perhaps we could have a poll on the icon style?

PS. Can you please move this request to the features section of the forum?
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