Version 15.50

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.50

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Version 15.50 (May 7, 2022)

Word/Selection highlighting
The highlight color is now different for each word or selected phrase you want to highlight. So if you select e.g. 3 different words - they will be highlighted using different colors.

Brace Highlighting
You can now highlight matching braces as bold, underlined or framed. With or without a background color. You can also use a background only if you set the type to "None".

Options can be found in [Environment/Themes/Customize...].

Also fixed a few issues with background color.

Highlight Expressions
Fixed an issue with regular expressions.

Added a menu item to the editor context menu.
(It was previously only available in the Search->Highlight menu)

Windows XP
Fixed some issues with open file dialog.

Syntax highlighters
Updated the bash highlighter to add functions to the code explorer.
Changed how folding works and how strings are highlighted.

* Chinese language issue in installer.
* Possible FTP reconnect issue with "Keep alive".

* Install issue when using standard user accounts.
* Some minor issues found while coding.

This release is available from the main site,
or you can use the full v15.50 installer below:
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