VCL Styles Utils

I'll try to publish some code I use in my program.
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VCL Styles Utils

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This is the version of vcl styles utils I'm using in my own applications. It should contain all updates from the main repository and the Salvador repository And my own additions, of course :)

Git repository and download

Detours library
You also need the latest Detours library which can be found here.

Copy the files to "..\vcl-styles-utils-master\Common\delphi-detours-library\".

Here is a simple example of the changes made. Using the demo "Vcl Styles Utils SysControls High DPI (Demo App)" I took two screenshots. The first with the latest changes and the second with the main repository version.

I moved the application to a secondary monitor with the scale set to 150% and opened the print dialog window.

Using this version of VCL Styles Utils:
SysControls01.png (17.22 KiB) Viewed 3760 times
Using the Main repository version:
SysControls02.png (14.2 KiB) Viewed 3760 times
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