Suggestions for the use of the scripts

Ask questions about how to create a script or swap scripts with other users.
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Suggestions for the use of the scripts

Post by Claudio »

Hi, Rickard

Thank you in order to have carried out the improvement from demanded me.

I wish a information: how I can characterize one variable (es. [ CurrentWord ]) in one Vbasic script?

Reply thank you.

Claudio Barbiero.

P.S.: sorry for my poor english.
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Rickard Johansson
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Post by Rickard Johansson »

I'm not sure I understood you correctly but to get the current word, you can do this:

'If the text is selected
dim s
s = Document.SelText


'If not selected
dim s
s = Document.SelText
s = Trim(s) 'There may be a trailing space character here.
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