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User Toolbar

Post by rjbill »

One of these days, a User Toolbar (or two?) would be nice, under the main toolbar.
That you can choose to display or not display.
Like the Firefox (and other browsers?) Bookmarklet Toolbar.

That we can have execute built-in commands, saved macros, or scripts.
And that you can specify an icon for. ('uploaded' / saved to a user icon folder)
And maybe have a default icon, or a few, if no user-made icon is specified.
Maybe one default icon for a built-in function, one for a macro, and one for a script.
With hover text to display when you mouse hover over the icon.

I suppose if you wanted to support a drop-menu option, as well,
that would be nice. So a User Toolbar icon would be clicked into
a drop-down menu that would have multiple icons AND/OR specified text
as the menu item (the mouse hover text? ; or separate (preferable), because you
might want the menu item short, and the hover text longer descriptive).


I'll donate $50 if you do this. Hopefully others will donate, as well.

I still think you should have a "Donate–Support RJTE" item under the Help menu item
to remind people to donate money. Send them to a donation page on your website.
And give them plenty of options. One-time. Recurring Monthly. PayPal. CC. Patreon. "Buy Me A Coffee".
With suggested amounts ($1; $2; $3; $5; $10; $20; ...) and an amount number they can enter.

(I've done quite a bit of successful charity/nonprofit fundraising work, and
some people think $1, $2, or $3 is 'too low', but if you get 10,000 people doing a one-time,
or better, a recurring monthly, $1 donation, "that ain't bad", especially if the one-timers
occur throughout the year — I would BET that you make at least tens of thousands of dollars a year —
give people a chance to be supportive and thankful for the work you do — I know I would donate
more if I was reminded)
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