Version 1.31

A lite version of RJ TextEd with only the editor part left.
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Version 1.31

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Version 1.31 (Jan 25, 2024)

Move to next/previous word (Ctrl+Right/Left)
Changed how this works. It should work similarly to how it works in other editors like VS Code or Sublime.

Move the cursor to the beginning of a word, or to the right of open braces e.g. ([{

Move the cursor to the end of a word, or to the left of closing braces e.g. )]}

Added options to change the behavior.

- Always move to beginning of word. This will include some symbols as well, like ()[]{}"'.
- Ignore symbols. Will find letters and numbers. Symbols are ignored.

Also, fixed a few issues.

Delete word (and previous word) (Ctrl+Del)
This function should ignore the options above.

Option window
Should handle high DPI screens better now.

Customize themes window
Window size is save between sessions.
Changed some behavior when resizing the window.

Comment blocks should be highlighted properly now.

Code: Select all

        #cs --------
        #ce --------
* Toggle comment and undo issues.
* Minor issues.

MPad 32bit version
MPad 64bit version
MPad portable version
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