PureBasic Syntax

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PureBasic Syntax

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I'm working on Syntax for pure basic, I've got Folding done, my problem is the coloring. How does the Key Words Grouping Name match to the coloring scheme?


Functions={Big list of language Functions)
Attributes=(?<=\bProcedure )[a-zA-Z0-9_]*
Regex Explanation
Constants = all words beginning with "#" Excluding those starting with #PB_
PBConstants = All words beginning with #PB_
Methods = Word Before and After ::
Attributes = Word Following "Procedure " ~Poorly named these are ProcedureNames

How does the names used here in grouping words match back to Theme Coloring?

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Re: PureBasic Syntax

Post by pjj »

You have defined some keyword groups (Constants, Others, dStructure, etc.) and all of them should be now available for setting colors in the usual place, i.e. Environment > Themes > (pick your theme) > Customize... > [Syntax highlighting] > %your highlighter%, where you can set them for the chosen theme.
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