Version 15.91

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.91

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Version 15.91 (July 9, 2023)

Projects can now be moved to a different location as long as the relative paths to all your project files are the same.

Note: You have to open a project, and close it, before all paths in your project
are changed into relative paths. You should open project settings as well
and press [OK].

Hyperscript (in HTML)
Added support for _hyperscript in HTML.

Code: Select all

    Highlighting enabled for:
        Script tag
            * <script type="text/hyperscript"></script>
        Tag attributes
            * _=""          (_='')
            * hs=""         (hs='')
            * data-hs=""    (data-hs='')
Windows shutdown, restart, logoff
Made some changes at windows shutdown, restart and logoff when the program is still running.

All files should be reopened, silently, when the program is restarted.

Project should be reopened as well, unless you are opening a new one from command-line. In which case the new project is opened, but all previously opened files are opened as well.

Language server settings (LSP)
Re-designed the options dialog and added a field to set environment variables for the current process.

Explorer panel (and File Commander)
Added a menu item to the "Views" menu named "Show hidden files and folders".
Use it to toggle hidden files and folders in the explorer tree's and file lists.

Code Explorer panel
Made some code changes and hints for the filter buttons should be more relevant now.

Also fixed some update issues.

Editor context menu
Added the edit menu "Paste special" to the right click context menu.

GDScript highlighter
Added a new highlighter for GDScript script files.

Julia highlighter
Added a new highlighter for Julia source files.

Zig highlighter
Added a new highlighter for Zig source files.

Syntax Editor
Added a new dialog to add or edit keywords containing regular expression.
Made some other minor changes.

* Toolbar dropdown menu issue with recent files, sessions and favorites.
* Several issues with makefiles.
* Click on link in LSP hint.
* Delete items in text clips panel.
* A few other issues reported by users.

The full v15.91 installers are also available below:
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