HTML code folding vs. XML code folding

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HTML code folding vs. XML code folding

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It's not a bug, but rather an inconsistency: HTML tags are folded differently than XML tags:
html-folding.png (6.35 KiB) Viewed 493 times
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Is there a reason for this? Perhaps XML tags could be folded the same way as HTML ones, so that the closing tag would not be visible? In both PHP and JS highlighters folding is done the same way as in HTML, so the last line of the fold isn't displayed, either.
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Re: HTML code folding vs. XML code folding

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Folding in XML is entirely indention based. So folding may end one line above the end tag. Including the end tag in the fold could cause other issues e.g. if the line contain another start tag.

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In HTML some tags are named and the end tag is included.
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