There is completely no autocompletion

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There is completely no autocompletion

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Either word-based completion or completion by the language server It's been many days, but I can't make the Objeck language server work. What if it's the fault of the Objeck language server? So, I decided to try another language server. This time is clanging. My clangd I got from, so it's a bit different from the clangd that comes with LLVM. But changing the paths is enough. I added clangd to the project's language server. I created a main.cpp and started editing. I could confirm clangd.exe is running on Task Manager. But there is absolutely no code completion at all. I tried to press Ctrl+Space and many shortcut keys commonly used for code completion on other text editors and IDEs. No effect. It's very likely that your LSP client is the problem.
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Re: There is completely no autocompletion

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The clangd server seems to work as far as I can see.

Server name
clangd language server


Initial folder

File extension and language id

Communication channel

Source folders
<path to project>
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