Version 15.83

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.83

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Version 15.83 (Mar 14, 2023)

Customize toolbars
Made it possible to change the button positions on toolbars, using the customize toolbar dialog (right click on toolbar).

Updated and made several changes to the Java highlighter (syntax file) and added some instructions on how to install a java language server in the forum.

A template has been added for the georgewfraser/java-language-server to the "Add language server" dialog in project options.

Created a new syntax file (highlighter) for the Scala programming language.

Created a new syntax file (highlighter) for the R programming language.

Updated and made several changes to the Kotlin highlighter (syntax file).

Updated the Ruby highlighter (syntax file).

Updated the SQL highlighter (syntax file).

Syntax Editor
Made some minor changes and fixed a few issues.

* Fixed some issues with auto completion hints.
* Resize issues with multiple document views.
* Issue when elevating the program.
* Brace color issues in some situations.
* Brace highlighting in some situations.
* Keyword RegEx issue with case.

If the program update function doesn't work, you download the update from v15.8x => v15.83 below. (Note that you need v15.80 to be installed first). ... update.exe

Or you can use the full v15.83 installer below:
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