Version 15.73

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.73

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Version 15.73 (Dec 30, 2022)

Open command-line interface
Changed the command prompt menu item in the tools menu to open any command-line shell you want.

The command-line shell can be set in the tools section in options.
Three shells are available in the dropdown box. Windows Terminal, PowerShell and Command Prompt. Select "Other" if you want to set something else as the command-line interface.

Also changed the caption in the tools menu.

Internal code changes
Made some internal changes to prevent issues when switching highlighter, or converting text to code (HTML).

* Convert to HTML issues.
* Edge browser issue when closing the program.
* Misc reported issues.

If the program update function doesn't work, you download the update from v15.7x => v15.73 below. (Note that you need v15.70 to be installed first). ... update.exe

Or you can use the full v15.73 installer below:
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