Version 15.72

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.72

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Fixed an error in a third party component in v15.72 release 1.

Version 15.72 release 2 (Dec 25, 2022)

Fixed a few class related issues.

Also made some space improvements between tags and attributes.

Browser preview (Edge)
Made some internal changes to prevent error messages when opening a new page or when closing a browser window. An error may occur when closing the program as well.

Selecting/Un-selecting items by clicking checkboxes should work better now.

Stability improvements
Identified several instances in code throughout the project that may cause errors, crashes or memory corruption over time.

* Annotation-bar issue with split window.
* Browser preview issues.

If the program update function doesn't work, you download the update from v15.7x => v15.72 below. (Note that you need v15.70 to be installed first). ... update.exe

Or you can use the full v15.72 installer below:
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