[15.10b1] Problems with the terminal

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[15.10b1] Problems with the terminal

Post by pjj »

(I'm using "terminal" word here instead of "command prompt", because I can see other editors tend to use this term; food for thought.)

After monkeying with the terminal a bit, these are my gripes:
1) cls doesn't work; why?
2) exit not only doesn't work (IMO it should work like cls or, if you introduce sessions, finish the current one), but stops subsequent commands from executing and the only thing to do that is left is to restart the editor
3) ^C doesn't work, i.e. doesn't terminate current command/program to bring forward command prompt; e.g. when I use time command and don't want to enter new time, I have no way to get back to command prompt other than restarting the editor
4) "Move to document folder" doesn't work for me, either (what is it supposed to do? move to root dir of a project?)
5) I have added one favorite directory, but can't move to it, either (when I pick it -- with a mouse, because arrows don't work -- current dir momentarily replaces it).
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Re: [15.10b1] Problems with the terminal

Post by Rickard Johansson »

1,2) cls and exit should work in next release.

3) ^C seems to work with some commands and not with others. I use GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent(CTRL_C_EVENT, 0) to generate a ^C. I've added a "Refresh" button, which actually restarts cmd.exe and clears the terminal window.

4) Should change the cmd path to the active document path.
5) It works at my end on several computers. But maybe you "do" things differently?

Are you able to post a small GIF or video clip showing issue 4 and 5 ?
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