[14.90b1] Document Symbols panel

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[14.90b1] Document Symbols panel

Post by pjj »

I'm not quite sure how it is supposed to work, so my comments may be a bit off sometimes... Nevertheless:

1) is it supposed to work per project? I guess so -- but then dropdown with filenames should be empty, when no project is open

2) could the files be sorted? could filenames be searched?

3) searching for e.g. pattern shows $smtp_transaction_id_patterns, but doesn't show $pattern

4) $smtp_transaction_id_patterns is in the SMTP.php file, but when I pick this file in dropdown with filenames, no symbols are shown (the same is with almost every other PHP file; only one or two for some reason show symbols)
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Re: [14.90b1] Document Symbols panel

Post by Rickard Johansson »

I've fixed some of the issues in the next release.

1. Symbols in the LSP specification means classes, methods, interfaces, etc.
2. Document symbols list sends a "Document Symbols Request" to the server and list classes, methods etc.
3. Symbols search doesn't have to list the same symbols. The symbol search sends a "Workspace Symbols Request" to the server. Which should list symbol matches in the entire project (it may include other library files as well).
It's up to the server what to include. With some servers you may have to add several folders (subfolders) for this to work.

I don't have a PHP project to test on. It may help a lot if you could send an example project :wink:
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