SOLVED? Unncessary indent lines

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SOLVED? Unncessary indent lines

Post by pjj »

I keep "Only show indent line on active node element" off, as these lines help me to see code structure. Now, in certain circumstances they are superfluous, and hence unnecessary and confusing, for they mark merely an indent and not code structure:
indent-lines.png (2.95 KiB) Viewed 954 times
At first I thought they were shown because down below code was indented, but no, this two lines are enough for them to be displayed.

Would it be possible to do anything about it?
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Re: Unncessary indent lines

Post by Rickard Johansson »

This was changed in 14.60 to actually show indent lines, and not structural highlighting. It should work the same as in many other editors.

I may add structural highlighting in a later version...

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