Questions about customization.

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Questions about customization.

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I'm thoroughly examining all customization possibility But, dispite diligent efforts, a lot of foundamental questions rimains unanswered to me. Here I refer to 11.20 version running under Win Xp Pro Service Pack 2.

PART 1: Themes
  • Themes are defined in "C:\PORTABLE\RJ TextEd\Styles\*.vsf" file, aren't they ?
  • Are they the only ones ?
  • Each theme comes with its own *.syx file, doesn't it ?
  • Where are these files stored ? Files "C:\PORTABLE\RJ TextEd\Syntax\*.syx" are too few to cover all cases ...
  • *.vsf files are binary files. Does exist amy way to edit them outside Theme manager ?
  • Does exist an exhaustive list of their options (with meaning and allowed values) ? May be I'm wrong but it seems that only a thiny fraction is exposed in Themes Manager ...
PART 2: Syntx highlighting
  • Each of *.syx file shoud come with an associated color map files. Where is it ?
  • C:\PORTABLE\RJ TextEd\Help\TextEd.chm contains a section about .ssx but,
    notwithstanding the syntax color customization I have made, there is no one of them in my machine still. So, where are the changes I made stored ?
  • Otherwise, what repository should I explore ?
  • Provided that It's feasible, where have I to place them ?
  • How can I export syntax coloring schemes definded into a theme to another theme, or save ir for migrating over an another pc ?

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Re: Questions about customization.

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Would that help?

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