FIXED? 14.0b1 Problem opening a tab on click

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FIXED? 14.0b1 Problem opening a tab on click

Post by rjbill »

Had 3 tab-files, I clicked on a tab to see how the new open when clicked works,
and I got a dialog that says,

Code: Select all

Could not open the file "aaa.txt"
Do you want to create a new file?
I chose NO.

When I clicked back to the first tab file that it had opened on startup,
and then back on that 'bad' tab again, it gave me the same dialog.

And it's doing the same thing with the third tab-file.

When I quit the editor, it just quit. Which could be considered "bad", too, I suppose,
if it really couldn't find the tab-files that it said it couldn't find.

And then, when I restarted the editor, the first two tab-files were not there.

I was also trying to see if there was some way to tell if a tab-file had been opened.
You didn't mention that. But that would be needed. Some type of coloring, or designation,
or dimming, or something like that.
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Re: 14.0b1 Problem opening a tab on click

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Made some changes in v14.0 beta 2. Not yet opened tabs have the file name enclosed with **, e.g. **MyFile.txt**

Also changed the message if file is not found. If not found - the file is presumed deleted from disk and you are asked to close the tab.
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