[13.90b2] Tab in CSS file

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[13.90b2] Tab in CSS file

Post by pjj »

It's a pity I don't have time right now to thoroughly test the newest goodness; what I noticed with respect to CSS highlighter, though:
* pressing Tab after a property with a colon, e.g. "color:" inserts another colon and semicolon:

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color:: ;
* pressing Tab with caret in the first column inserts colon and semicolon; this not only prevents using Tab key for indentation, but also makes no sense

* after adding a declaration, e.g. color[Tab] red (colon and semicolon added automatically) I press right arrow and Enter and... nothing happens; I need to press Enter the second time to go to the next line
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Re: [13.90b2] Tab in CSS file

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Fixed in final version. Thanks!

Colon and semicolon are still inserted but I've added some checking to make sure they are only inserted when needed.
E.g. right after the property and no colon or semicolon can be found on the line.
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