[13.40b1] Alpha transparency support etc.

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[13.40b1] Alpha transparency support etc.

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Thank you for having added alpha transparency support! I noticed its preview is shown along with a fully opaque color in the Select color window -- perhaps the same could be shown in the color tooltip, that appears over color in e.g. CSS file?

There are some quirks, though:

1) previously you could insert color definition into Selected color input at the top of Select Color window, press Shift+Enter and the new value would be "activated", i.e. treated as current -- now it is impossible (I planned to ask to make this change on input blur, or after each keypress in the Selected color box -- much more intuitive; I decided not to fill feature request when I found out this shortcut)

2) pressing Shift+Enter when Selected color input is focused deactivates OK button (subsequent using this key combination may make it active again, but not always)

3) item order (as used while pressing tab key) is... confusing

4) when I place caret at the end of four digit hex code, invoke Select Color window (whichever way), click mouse on HSL and press Shift-Enter, window is closed and color code is gone from the file...
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Re: [13.40b1] Alpha transparency support etc.

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All fixed in next release (v13.40 final). Thanks!
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