DONE: FTP drag-and-drop

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DONE: FTP drag-and-drop

Post by primehalo »

If I have both the file explorer panel open and the FTP panel open I think being able to drag a file from file explorer to the FTP panel would transfer the file. Right now that drag-and-drop doesn't seem to do anything.

Additionally, I think having a drag-and-drop of a file tab to FTP would also be helpful.

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Rickard Johansson
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Re: Request: FTP drag-and-drop

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Added the ability to drag and drop a document tab, on the FTP panel, to upload it to the open remote folder.

Done in v14.71.

(Drag and drop from explorer panel to FTP panel is basically the same as using the file commander - so use that instead.)

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Re: DONE: FTP drag-and-drop

Post by inspector71 »

Thanks for the work to implement this feature.

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