DONE: Optimizations for diff-import-dialog

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DONE: Optimizations for diff-import-dialog

Post by micha_he »

If I use the diff-import for my RJTED translation, I noticed the following:

While import, the modification-dialog include always an empty line at the end. If I accidentally delete this final LF, it's missing (two lines are merged) in the main file. Could you exclude this final LF from editing in the dialog ? The final LF haven't changed either and isn't in the diff-file !

Could you add a possibility to move the insert-position (e.g. ALT-CURSOR-UP, ALT-CURSOR-DOWN), in case the insert-position is incorrect (my file has a blank line more/less or I make a mistake while the import) !?
Otherwise I would always have to cancel the import and begin from the start...


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Rickard Johansson
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Re: Optimizations for diff-import-dialog

Post by Rickard Johansson »

I've made sure the import works properly even if you delete the final CRLF.

Enabled ALT+UP/DOWN to move the text cursor up and down in the document.

Done in v14.30 (final).

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