FIXED: Deleted file not removed from a project

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FIXED: Deleted file not removed from a project

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When I delete a file (RMC on doc tab > File operations > Delete from Disk), that belongs to a project, I get a message letting me now that the file will be deleted and asking if I want to close the document. I click on "yes" and get Windows confirmation (move to trash bin). Fine, the file is deleted. I then close the editor and when I reopen it, I see this message:
removed-from-project-not.png (6.79 KiB) Viewed 935 times
Nice! Thing is, the file has not been removed from the project, because if I immediately close the editor and re-open it, the very same message will appear. The file in question is indeed removed from the project only when I close this project without closing the editor.
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Re: Deleted file not removed from a project

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Should work better in v15.10. Thanks!

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