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??? Not displaying some lines again

Posted: 23 Feb 2021 00:30
by rjbill
It's doing that weird thing where it's not displaying some lines in the file.
I think only toward the bottom?
I can't see how I can give you more info than that.
But it has happened before.

I go to the bottom of the file and it looks like a line a few up from the bottom is missing.
So I click there, and it displays.

So far I've only noticed it in Multi HTML with PHP. I think that might have been what the
problem was before, but I don't have good memory anymore.

Like this example. It didn't display the start PHP segment line, and I wondered how the HTML
was displaying correctly on my website, so I clicked on the line and it displayed it correctly.

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</div>   <!-- content -->

require $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/includes/php/pagefooter.php";

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</div>   <!-- content -->

require $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/includes/php/pagefooter.php";

Re: Not displaying some lines again

Posted: 28 Feb 2021 15:15
by Rickard Johansson
If I remember correctly, you're using different background colors in different highlighters (white in HTML and light green in PHP?). Maybe that's why you experience these issues ? Anyway, I can't reproduce it.

If you ever find a way to reproduce the issue - please let me know.

Re: ??? Not displaying some lines again

Posted: 01 Mar 2021 07:27
by rjbill
Yes. I use white for HTML, green for PHP, pink for CSS, and blue for JS.

I just tried several ways to try to get it to happen again and it didn't.

(scrolling down with the slider, Ctrl-End to jump down to the bottom, etc.)

I guess you make so many edits you can't remember what you did before,
but I'm pretty sure it's acting the same way it did that one time.

But it is probably me. I might be / probably am thinking about the
"line is being display-duplicated" bug sometime back.