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??? Customizing Themes

Posted: 27 May 2020 23:03
by ar18
The Selected color textbox in Environment➜Themes➜Customize...➜"Select Color" doesn't appear to work on my Win7 Home x64 OS using RJTextEd version 14.51 (64-bit), unless I first enter the new color in the "Select Color" textbox and hit <enter>, and then OK.

Furthermore, I can't get the alpha slider to work at all. In fact, I can't manually enter the alpha in the Selected Color textbox and have it work. It only appears to work but when I click on OK and then Apply, nothing changes. When I reopen the Select Color dialog, the alpha slider is back to the default position it was in originally and the extra (alpha) digits I added in the Selected Color textbox have disappeared.

Re: Customizing Themes

Posted: 12 Jul 2020 13:09
by Rickard Johansson
I haven't been able to reproduce the color selection issue on Win 10 or Win 7...

I've disabled the alpha slider when selecting highlighter colors. The alpha channel is not used or really useful for anything since the background color stays the same and selections, find results etc. use there own text and background colors.

Re: ??? Customizing Themes

Posted: 12 Jul 2020 21:18
by ar18
Just to be certain we are on the same page here, I have attached a before and after screenshot of what I am talking about. When I randomly select a color under "All Languages", notice how in the before screenshot, the alpha slider is at 255, yet the alpha value is missing, then in the after screenshot, the alpha slider is in the middle of it's range and the alpha value has now appeared as a 0x7D suffix. And still, when I save that color, it will do the same thing as shown here because alpha doesn't appear to get saved. As for what utility it would have, I would very much like to change "Line Highlight" so that no matter what the background color of my syntax highlights are, it wouldn't be overwritten by the background color of the Line Highlight as it currently does now.
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