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About error messages and bug reports!

Posted: 19 Apr 2011 11:14
by Rickard Johansson
Bug, issue or just strange behavior
Try to reproduce the issue and add a post to the "Bugs" forum with detailed steps to reproduce the issue. I prefer if you post bug reports in the forum.

Exception (error message)
All releases contain an inbuilt exception catcher which can create a very detailed bug report, if an error occur. You should be presented with the options either save or send the bug report.

If the error occur very early in the startup process, or very late at closure, and the inbuilt exception catcher doesn't catch the error - you can use this debug version instead It contains a commercial exception handler that may catch the error.
If you see an exception error message - click on the "Details" link and save or/and send the error report.

In addition you can create a debug output file.

Debug output
If you have a startup or shutdown issue, you can log information to a file.

1. Set output options in the "\RJ TextEd\DebugOptions.txt" file.

Code: Select all

; DebugOutput
; 0 = No output
; 1 = Output to log file <AppData>\RJ TextEd\Data\DebugOutput.txt
; 2 = DebugOutputString. Use e.g. DebugView to display the output

; LogFileAppend
; 0 = No append. Allways create a new log file at startup.
; 1 = Append. Append new debug data to old ones. NOTE! The file may become very large!
E.g. Set the option


to output debug data to the file "<AppData>\RJ TextEd\Data\DebugOutput.txt" or "RJ TextEd\Data\DebugOutput.txt" in the portable version.

2. Open and review the contents of the "DebugOutput.txt" file and if it seems informative - post the contents with the bug report in the forum.