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Rickard, How's it going?

Posted: 11 Feb 2021 16:34
by yereverluvinuncleber
Rickard, most people here just want something from you and have expectations of prompt and efficient delivery of fixes, changes &c. Very few just turn up to say 'hello' and when they do they are normally just bots in any case.

So, I'm just here to say "hello" and to ask how is it going? We don't get much feedback from you on what you are working on, what interests you and what ails you. You may not want to answer any of these questions but that's fine.

Just to let you know that your work is appreciated.

I suppose this is just one of those American "whaaats aaaap?" but from an Englishman. Hope all is well with you and that you are making the progress you desire in the product and in general.

Re: Rickard, How's it going?

Posted: 12 Feb 2021 18:48
by Rickard Johansson
Thank you, i'm fine 8)

I'll try to release a minor update in a week or so to fix a few reported issues. I'm still working on the LSP Client to add language server support to RJ TextEd. All of the latest specifications are implemented and I'm currently testing the client using a simple "plain text" server (I'm writing the server as I test new notifications and request). I plan to ship the server and a simple demo app with the LSP component.

Currently the client (and server) only handles communication using stdin/stdout. When everything is working properly I'll add socket communication as well.

While testing I often realize I need to make code changes, so I'm still fixing and making improvements to the client code as I go along. I still don't know when it'll be ready for release (I'll release all code on Github when done).

Re: Rickard, How's it going?

Posted: 13 Feb 2021 14:22
by yereverluvinuncleber
That sounds fantastic and a major improvement for RJTextEd.

Can I ask you some questions? Not on LSP but in general? Nothing too revealing I promise!