CLOSED: typed text is superceded by highlighted text

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CLOSED: typed text is superceded by highlighted text

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Bug in beta 13.30

When I perform a search by highlighting some text, the search now works as expected and the highlighted text appears on the find in files search box as well as the simple search using the find tab.

The scenario where the bug appears is that I want to find a string in the whole document. I first use the find tab, I type the new text in by hand and press "find all" but the text is not in the current document.

The next step is to search the whole document and so I click on the "find in files" tab.

I find the text to search for is not automatically copied into the "find in files" tab so I have to type the whole text string to search for again. This is cumbersome especially if the text is complex.


Fix: Text typed manually into the find tab should supercede what appears in the "find in tab" search box and it should not be the highlighted text when typed text exists.

Alternative: the "Find all" in the find tab could be enabled to search all open documents as described here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4483

PS. In the past this would not have mattered as there was only the one find tab. It is due to having the new "find in files" tab that this issue occurs.

CLOSED as it is fixed in the next version 13.40 (as yet untested)
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