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RJTexted for Linux

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I have operated Win8/10 for a few years and they are not an option for me. It is time to move on.
I am starting my migration away from Windows after being a loyal Windows user since it started. After Win7 support ends in early 2020 I am gradually moving to Kubuntu as my main desktop as Ubuntu with KDE resembles a proper desktop environment and almost all the tools I use are available there. I will run ReactOS in a VM for specific Windows tasks that do not require stability.

Instead of Rjtexted I have the KDE default editor KATE and I am certain there are other development tools but I'd like to ask that you consider creating a Linux version. I know how this request will be received and I understand that it will be denied (and I know why) - that's fine.

This request is just to let you know that I will continue to operate RJtext Ed on my Windows devices but that they will be operated less and less as time progresses and I'd like to have RJtext Ed on my linux box. There will be others that are doing the same and if it is possible to alter your development tools so that multi-platforms can be supported then that might be useful for some.

For me personally, Windows is a dying platform and I am moving to better things, learning new technologies but perhaps eventually reverting back to Windows through ReactOS when it becomes stable in a few years? We shall see.
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