Reg exp implementation RJ TextEd

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Reg exp implementation RJ TextEd

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Hi !

I have just left Textpad, opting for RJ TextEd. Regular expressions now seem to behave in a totally different manner respect what they did there. As example,
  • ^ -> \i(10) added a progressive integer, starting from 10, at the beginning of every line
  • ^. -> &x subsituted the first character of each line with itself followed by an x
  • etc.
Is it a consequence of a different flavors of the regular expressions engines ?
Googling I have run into a GitHub document ... 5eb94a1816 , containing a list of Regular Expression Flavors.
Please, can you explain:
(1) Which one, if any, regards RJ TextEd ?
(2) Does it exist any way to change it ?
(3) In this page is mentioned "PCRE special category properties for \p and \P". Documentation for PCRE can be found here: but it seems more about the C libraries than the reg exp itself.
(4) Should I read generic PCRE tutorials or does it exist one specifically aimed to RJ Text Ed ?

Thanks a lot and have a great day !

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Re: Reg exp implementation RJ TextEd

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RJ TextEd use the open source PCRE library. Reference and tutorials are available here

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