Version 15.10 beta 2

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 15.10 beta 2

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Made some changes to the "Terminal" panel and fixed a few issues in beta 1.

Version 15.10 (Aug 23, 2021)

Terminal panel
Added a new panel which works as a terminal window. It uses Cmd.exe in the background and should have most of the functions a real command prompt window has, and more.

The panel toolbar allows you to:

* Enter a path manually in the combo box and move to it.
* Select a favorite folder in drop down list and move to it.
* Save current terminal directory as favorite.
* Change terminal directory to the current document folder.
* Open a folder selection window and change directory to it.
* Change font (and background color if you're not using a theme).
* Restart the terminal (restart cmd.exe).

The panel use a standard windows edit control and only communicate with an open (hidden) command prompt window using standard input/output.
There may be commands that doesn't work properly, like "more" (it displays all of the text at once, but you don't have the space bar control to switch page). Some special keys may work differently (since it's an edit control).

Some features I had to add to the panel myself:

* Command history (up/down arrow). It should work the same as in a real command prompt window. The command history is saved between sessions.
* Auto completion (tab). Should work the same as in a real command prompt window.
* Ctrl+C. Should work the same as in a real command prompt. If it doesn't work use the restart terminal button instead.

Language server templates
Templates make adding language servers much easier. Once you've added a language server as a template you never have to add the server settings again.

Several server templates have been added already for you to use. And you can easily change or add one yourself.

Open LSP templates located in the environment menu to modify or add templates.

You can add a language server as a template from project/sites settings if you've already added a server.

Some environment variables can be used in paths:

Code: Select all

    %appdata%       = <AppData>\Roaming
    %localappdata%  = <AppData>\Local
    %programfiles%  = c:\Program files
    %homepath%      = c:\Users\<username>
* A few reported issues from users.

Download ... ll_x86.exe ... ll_x64.exe

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Re: Version 15.10 beta 2

Post by pjj »

Replying here, with one feature request and one bug (or maybe not a bug):

* can we have Open Terminal window action, please? I'd suggest default shortcut Ctrl+` (backtick), as in VCS

* upon restarting cmd.exe command history is not cleared (I know, this is debatable, but since we can easily paste commands I reckon it'd be better to clear it -- and also this is how CLI on Windows works)

(All bugs in the first beta I reported have been fixed.)
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