Version 14.50 beta 1

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 14.50 beta 1

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Done in this version:

Version 14.50 (April 30, 2020)

Chrome Preview
Updated component and libraries to version 80.0.3987.

Code hints
Added code hints. Hover the mouse over a tag, CSS property, method or function name to display information about it.
The hint may contain a description, return value, parameters and example code.

A code hint is also displayed when an item is selected in auto completion list box.

For this to work the [Hints] section in the syntax file must contain the function i question.

Updated syntax files are: Cpp, python, css, less, sass, HTML, JavaScript, PHP.

Image hints
Image hints are displayed when you hover the mouse over an image link.
The hint will display a miniature of the image.

You can turn this off this hint in options.

Hints and options
The editor is now able to show the following hint types:

Code hints
Hover the mouse over a function to display information like parameters and description.

Parameter hints
Press Ctrl+Shift+H or type "(" to display a hint with all parameters.

Color hints
Hover the mouse over a color value to display the color in different formats. Click on a format to convert the value or on the color box to open the color dialog window.

Image hints
Hover the mouse over an image link to display a thumbnail.

You can set which hints should be enabled in options and also decide whether the code or parameter hint should be displayed above or below the code.

Auto completion
Auto completion can now include Emmet abbreviations. The hint will display the expanded code.

This is turned on by default but you can change that in options.

Auto completion speed
Optimized a few functions and the auto completion should be way faster than before.

Text compare
Added a new toolbar placed between the two documents being compared.
The toolbar contain most functions available in compare mode like copy difference left or right, move to the next or previous difference, save diff file...

Syntax Editor
Made several changes to the syntax editor to handle the changes made to the syntax files. The hints page has been redesigned and some changes were made when adding items to the class completion and user menu sections.

* Open file issue after closing document views.
* Theme manager high DPI issues.
* A few Emmet expand abbreviation issues.
* RegEx search issue.
* Problems with sessions.
* Create new file panel issues.
* Many reported issues from users sent by email.

Download ... ll_x86.exe ... ll_x64.exe

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