Version 15.30

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.30

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Version 15.30 (Dec 18, 2021)

Run external script
It is now possible to run an external script from a local script using e.g. NodeJS. It should be possible to run any type of script, including JScript, VBScript, PHP, Python ...

The function "RunScript" has been added to the ScriptUtils object.

Code: Select all

    RunScript(sCommand, sScript, sInputText: String): String;

        // Run a JavaScript using NodeJS
        var s = Document.SelText;
        var sz = "Node";
        var sc = "c:\\Users\\Me\\Documents\\Source\\JavaScript\\numsort.js";
        var sr = ScriptUtils.RunScript(sz,sc,s);
        Document.SelText = sr;
Visual changes
Made visual changes to all dialog windows throughout the application. In some dialogs more than others. The goal was to give them a more modern look and feel.

There are some minor changes in other places as well.

Advanced sort
Made it possible to save the current sort options using a name.

Regular expressions
Error messages should be displayed with all search operations if an error occur.
The "Abort" button in the search progress dialog should work as expected now (only displayed if the search takes some time to complete).

Made it possible to close or open all panels in options with two buttons located at the search field.

* Session issue with document views.
* Open template file.
* Some issues when creating new document.
* Rare open file issue.
* Convert HTML to text.
* Offline - Beautify HTML (Tidy).
* Wordwrap issues.
* List text clip folder using keyboard shortcut.
* Fixed a few issues in the text clips panel.
* TclTk Code Explorer issue.
* Other minor issues found and reported by email.

This version is available from the main site

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