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Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.0

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New in this version:

Version 15.0 (July 16, 2021)

HTML Preview
I've removed the previous chromium component/libraries and added support for Microsoft WebView2 (Microsoft Edge component) instead.

WebView2 is already installed on most Windows 10 systems and is built into Windows 11. The installer will check and ask the user to install WebView2 if needed (e.g. on Windows 7).

This means I don't have to distribute large libraries in the installations anymore. The WebView2 component is also much easier to use. The old one had some strange behaviors (you can actually see the difference in the task manager).

Chrome and Microsoft Edge use the same code base, so there is no difference in the displayed content.

The Edge preview tab has a new button for "IE Mode". You can use it to display the content in a Internet Explorer view.

The Internet Explorer tab has been removed. You can use the Edge preview tab and press the toolbar button "IE Mode".

Code completion
Made some changes to the code completion. It should work better now and behave more as in other code editors.

Hover hint (LSP Client)
Created a new hover hint when using a language server. The hint can now display:
- Code information presented by the server
- Diagnostic errors, warnings, information or hints
- Links. These can be code actions, goto definition, show references, rename identifier...

Hover.gif (196.4 KiB) Viewed 2232 times
Highlight References (LSP Client)
Highlight all references in the current document for the item found under the mouse cursor. This is similar to the find references feature, but the referenced identifier is highlighted and not added to a list.

Highlight references can be found in the hover hint and right click context menu.

In the context menu two items have been added:
- Highlight references
- Clear highlights

Code Actions (LSP Client)
Code actions can be found in the hover hint and right click context menu.
LSP-Client-Menu_cr.png (14.05 KiB) Viewed 2232 times

Code actions in the context menu include all available code actions presented by the language server.

Code actions in the hover hint only include quick fixes.

Check for update
Minor updates and beta version are downloaded and installed as before. But for major version the only option is to open the download site in your browser and download it manually. This was done to make the XP/Vista version consistent with the Windows 10/11 version and it also fix a few problems.
It also allows the user to download and install the new version when they are ready...

* Shift-DblClick can be used instead of Alt-DblClick if you have trouble with column mode is being activated.

* LSP functions didn't work properly in word wrap mode.
* Change case in column mode.
* Font size issue in search result panel.
* Fixed a few reported issues.

This version has been released and is available from the main site https:/

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