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Fixed several issues in beta 1, 2 and 3.

* "Format -> Change document encoding to" needs some testing. I made several internal code changes and it should fix some issues.

* Keyboard shortcuts assigned to user tools needs testing. Made some changes.

* Debug output record undo/redo actions. So if activated and you encounter an undo issue - please send me the "Data\DebugOutput.txt" file.

Version 11.0 (Feb 13, 2016)

Application search
Added a search field inside the menu bar to the right. The search results are display in a grouped list. The search is context sensitive so all groups may not always be displayed in the same order or displayed at all.
Each group is also collapsible.

The displayed groups are:

-Menu items
-Recent files
-Recent projects
-Recent sessions
-File commander
-Theme manager
-Online resources

Use the context menu to change which items should be displayed in the list.
E.g. if you feel that the options list takes to long to complete, uncheck "Options".

Menu items are always displayed in the list.
Some menu items have a radio or check button to the right. This indicates a setting. You can select it as usual with [Enter] or the item can be toggled, without closing the result list, with [Shift][Enter].

* Use [Up] and [Down] arrows to navigate the list. You can also use the mouse.
* Select an item with [Enter], or a mouse click.
* You can toggle a menu item setting, displayed as a radio or check button, by using [Shift][Enter].
* Use [Esc] to exit the search.

Code Explorer
Made extensive code changes and several changes in the code explorer panel.

Name spaces and classes should display properly now in the upper display.
Nested items are displayed in a tree structure.

Structures are displayed in the lower display including structure methods, if available. I may change this in a later version.

Sort of methods and sub-methods should work now.

Auto complete
The height is adjusted automatically when only a few items are displayed.

Auto update
If you update from the previous release - only the changed files are downloaded and installed. This reduce the download size and makes the update process faster.

If you update from an older version - the entire installation is downloaded.

Change document encoding
Fixed several issues when changing encoding. Both when converting between ANSI encodings and ANSI to UTF8.

* Floating panels now have a shadowed border.
* Arrays should be foldable now if they span several lines.
* Only the active document tab has the active tab color when in dual document view.
* If you disable all output options with replace all, a quick replace information string is displayed in the status bar. It goes away after 5 seconds.
* A split window now open at the same location as the original view.

* Text clips should preserve indention.
* Emmet issue with ^
* Emmet XSL (XSLT) issues.
* Column mode issues.
* Search result toolbar button issue.
* Wrong column value in status bar.
* Wrong selected lines value in status bar when selecting upwards.
* Toggle browser view issue.
* Annotation bar should always use the document background color.


You need to have v10.91 (or v11.0 beta) installed or have the v10.91 (or v11.0 beta) portable before installing the beta update.

Install: http://www.rj-texted.se/downloads/beta/rj-update.exe
Portable: http://www.rj-texted.se/downloads/beta/rj-update.7z

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